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Top 5 Wedding Cake Flavours

The wedding cake; what started out as a tradition of newlyweds trying to kiss over a tower of baked goodies, has become a tiered masterpiece and the focal point of any extravagant wedding – thanks to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

However, it’s important to remember that while the art of decorating a cake is something to celebrate, it’s the inside that counts. After all, no one will remember the spectacular lace detailing and piped drop flowers if it tastes like cat food.

So, with that in mind I started thinking about the top five wedding cake flavours.

Although the most traditional wedding cake flavour might be a rich fruit cake covered in marzipan and royal icing, there’s a lot more to choose from these days – I suppose we’ve got the Great British Bake Off to thank for that.

If you are just getting around to choosing your wedding cake flavours, here are my top five picks.


I’m not usually one for tradition, but there are few things better in life than a perfectly-baked fruit cake. Packed with raisins, sultanas, currants, apricots, dates, mixed peel, cherries and pistachios, not to mention oodles of brandy, it’s a luxurious choice.


What is brown, white and red all over? Red velvet wedding cake! This cross between chocolate and vanilla cake – known as a cocoa kiss – is dyed a vibrant red with food colouring. However, it’s not just the sponge that makes a red velvet cake; the buttercream must be made with a tangy cream cheese. Your guests will be wowed when you slice into this one.


There’s carrot cake, like the awful crap you can buy from the supermarket, and there’s homemade carrot cake. It’s soft and moist. My personal favourite recipe is packed with freshly grated carrots, crunchy walnuts and a bit of zing from the lemon buttercream.


A decadent chocolate cake is the perfect choice for your big day. It’s everything you want your wedding to be, bold, memorable and indulgent. Filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache, this cake should definitely make it into one of your tiers.


For those wanting a plain vanilla sponge, I would definitely recommend a Madeira cake. Unlike Victoria sponge, it manages to hold itself well and provide structure to the wedding cake, but is still light and airy to eat. Packed with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam, you better watch that white dress.

If you’re looking to order a wedding cake and want to discuss your flavours, please get in touch!

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